Friday, January 7, 2011

Town Green Construction Progress, 1/7/11

Changes to the landscape of the Camden Town Green were small throughout the past few weeks as the contactors took a break to celebrate the holidays.

The process of pouring concrete drives on the perimeter of the green has been slowed by AT&T. Because of AT&T’s slow response to meeting project deadlines, the Camden Town Green is in danger of falling behind schedule for the first time since construction began.

Despite this fact, electrical contractors continued running new lines and are ready to install new lights on the perimeter of the green.

Masonry work on the sitting walls surrounding the green is nearly completed, and crews were able to pour sidewalks in the eastern project area near Substation II. 

Now that most of the underground work is nearing completion, truckloads of topsoil are being brought into the central green area.  Loads of stone are also being delivered and compacted into the new parking areas.

All of this work is being done in preparation for the delivery of eight large live oak trees.  The live oak trees are scheduled for delivery on Thursday of next week.  Liz Gilland, City of Camden Urban Forester, will be working closely with the contractors to make sure proper care is used during the transport and planting of the trees.

Parking areas are being constructed in preparation of the pouring of concrete drives to the south and north of the project area.  The western concrete drive has been completed.  This work should begin soon, barring no inclement weather in the next few weeks.

Be on the lookout for the historic Philadelphia Blue Stone being used on the sidewalks of the green.  That phase of the construction process is rapidly approaching.

The concrete drive and parking area on the eastern perimeter

The concrete drive and parking area on the eastern perimeter

A crew member works on the concrete entrance at the eastern side of the Town Green

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  1. I'm excited to see the trees and green plants after this project. Will there be a botanical garden?

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